The Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE) strives to address sexual violence in all its forms.  SACE’s public education team is committed to encouraging community members to discuss cultural representations in sexual violence in media, including newspapers, television shows, films and other forms of popular culture.  Usually, we do this through community information sessions on sexual violence.

At SACE, we are constantly discussing  news stories; the link between sexual assault and various forms of oppression; the perpetuation of a “rape culture” through popular culture; etc. We recently decided it would be a wonderful idea to bring these discussions to the public realm through a blog in which community members can participate in our discussions.

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  1. Nicola said,

    I am an adult survivor, and have created a website to share my journey through poetry; as part of my own healing process, and for others to know “you’re not alone” and “people genuinely care and want to help.” I know how difficult it is to reach out for help from others, at any stage in the process, and feel grateful at this point in my journey for SACE.

    God Bless

  2. Amelia said,

    You have such a great organization here. I have a question though… Does your organization get more then 50% of government funding? If you could let me know ASAP I would be very greatful. Thanks.

    • sacetalks said,

      Thanks for your support. If you would like information about our funding, please email us at our general email address, info@sace.ab.ca. We’d be more than happy to provide you with that information.

  3. pomegranate said,

    Please could you let me know whether I could right to you as I have been molested by a keralite physiotherapist and do not know what to do as they will not believe me.

    • sacetalks said,

      We are so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Thank you for feeling comfortable to share your experience in this space. If you would like to speak to someone please know that our 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line is available anytime day or night. The phone number is 780-423-4121.

      • pomegranatetm said,

        Thanks for writing back. I see that my post has been deleted on your space. If I can have an email address so that I can share my story I’d appreciated it. I live in a suppressed part of the world and am rather concerned.

      • sacetalks said,

        Please feel free to email us at info@sace.ab.ca. If you would like to speak with someone about your story you are also welcome to call our 24-Hour Sexual Assault Crisis Line at 780-423-4121. If you are calling from out of the country this crisis line will accept collect calls. Thank you for reaching out to us, take care.

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