July 29, 2016

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For the past 41 years the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton has been committed to providing the best support possible to those impacted by sexualized violence in our community. Our organization offers specialized and essential sexual assault and child sexual abuse services aimed at both preventing this crime and facilitating the healing and recovery of those who have been victimized. At SACE, professional trauma counselling is available to survivors of all genders over the age of three. We work to keep our wait times to a minimum, and we provide information, resources, and crisis support to those waiting for full counselling services. Our public education team provides workshops and information sessions on sexualized violence for thousands of youth, adults, and professionals each year. We offer a 24-hour sexual assault support and information line, and provide police and court support and court accompaniment to those navigating the legal system. These services are only possible because of the past and present efforts of our dedicated staff and volunteers.

In addition to providing services for those directly impacted by sexualized violence our team works tirelessly to create a community in which survivors are listened to, believed, and supported without judgment. Creating environments free of sexualized violence requires collaboration and the efforts of many, and our organization is encouraged and energized knowing that there are countless dedicated community members working to make our city a more supportive place for those impacted by this crime. We are immeasurably grateful for all efforts that seek to further this cause.

We believe healing is possible, and we strive to support every individual who is in need of our services. We are always open to feedback, and we are dedicated to growing as an organization and ensuring quality of care for those accessing our services.

If you have questions, feedback, or require more information about our services, you can:

  • Call our office at 780.423.4102
  • Call our 24-Hour Support and Information Line at 780.423.4121
  • Email us at info@sace.ab.ca
  • Send us a private message through Facebook
  • VisitĀ our website at https://www.sace.ab.ca/ (There is a Leave Page button at the top if you ever need to switch to a safe site quickly!)
  • Contact us for a tour of ourĀ Centre