February 4, 2016

SACE Supports Gender Inclusivity in YEG Schools

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:00 am by sacetalks

There has been a great deal of backlash against Alberta Education’s new Guidelines for Best Practices on ensuring schools are safe spaces for trans children and youth.

One particularly harmful myth is that the creation of trans inclusive washrooms will lead to an increase in sexual violence. Research does not support this false assertion. In fact, reducing gendered space promotes safety for all students. As noted by the Pride Centre of Edmonton:

“Bathroom use by children with diverse gender presentation poses no risk to other children. On the contrary, people who are trans experience among the highest rates of violence and themselves need to be protected. One widely circulated document falsely alleges that allowing trans students to use bathrooms will lead to an increase in sexual assault – an allegation which is clearly refuted by sexual assault service providers. You can gain accurate information about the important issue of sexual assault, from the Alberta Association of Sexual Assault Services at www.aasas.ca

These harmful stereotypes about trans people often lead to violence and abuse against trans individuals. Dispel the misinformation and help make our community a safe space for people of all genders.Slide1


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