August 15, 2012

New addition!

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Hello there blogosphere! I am the newest addition to SACE’s Public Education team. My name is Stephanie and I began working with the centre on August 13, 2012. I am so excited to be a part of this incredible organization!  I feel absolutely honoured to have this opportunity to contribute to the creation of a society free from sexual violence and inequality of all kinds.  That is not to imply, of course, that every one of us is not capable of this type of social construction. Quite the contrary! It is a collective process that requires wide spread community engagement. I do however feel especially fortunate to have the opportunity to carry out this work in the context of such a strong and well established support network and to have the luxury of spending so much of my day engaging with the issue.

Prior to coming on board with SACE, I was working at a family law firm as a legal assistant. That experience really taught me a lot about the internal workings of our legal system, especially as it relates to people in their capacities as parents, wives, husbands, partners and children. While it may seem like a relatively unrelated field, it definitely helped further my understanding of some of the systemic inequalities and structural barriers that people face in a society that arbitrarily assigns value to qualities such as gender, race, sexual orientation, able-bodiedness and adherence to social norms.

In terms of education, I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and International Studies. While in school I began engaging with the issue of sexual violence through various classes, through my volunteer work with the campus Sexual Assault Centre, and through my volunteer work with LEAF’s “No Means No” initiative. These experiences further galvanized my desire to really dedicate myself to addressing the issues of sexual violence and rape culture.

Anyway, I think I’ve done more than enough talking about myself! Thanks for reading and I look forward to re-imagining the world together in this forum!

– Steph


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