October 21, 2011

I’ve Joined the Team!

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Hello blog community!

My name is Nikki and as of October 3rd I became the newest member of the Public Education team! After graduating from the University of Alberta in 2010, I was looking for ways to continue my education and pursue my passion for social justice outside of an academic institution. I was drawn to the work that SACE was doing within the Edmonton community and I began volunteering on the SACE crisis line in March 2011, which lead me to the public education position late this past summer.
While I enjoyed the volunteer work that I was doing on the crisis line, I’m looking forward to taking everything that I learned in volunteer training into my community, and I feel so fortunate that my job is to spread knowledge and awareness about sexual assault to others. Coming from an academic background that was largely focused on reading and writing, I am so excited for the challenges and new skill set that will come with pubic speaking.
SACE is an organization that I hold in the highest regard and I am so honored to work here and to have the opportunity to speak out in my community on the issues that I am deeply passionate about. I am a firm believer in the power of public education and in the influence that taking a strong stance against oppression and sexual violence can have. I look forward to communicating with all of you through this blog, and it is my hope that we can use this site as a medium through which to speak out and take an active stance against sexual violence together!