November 18, 2010

The Lily has arrived!

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by Lily Tsui

Since Meagan beat me and posted her introduction first, I’ll begin by echoing many of her sentiments. I also believe in the power of education and would like to hear your input as to what sort of content/discussions you would like to see on this blog. In addition to wanting to see critical and informative discussions on here, I hope also that we can connect with one another in a way that fosters working together in preventing sexual assault in our society. For me, that may include taking apart ways in which sexual violence is represented in mass media, and constructing together an alternate view in which sexual violence is seen for what it is: systematic oppression.

As you all know, sexual assault is a serious topic—but I believe humor can still be used to analyze and understand it. To better illustrate what I mean, here’s a link to a sexual assault awareness ad that I found on youtube that plays with the idea of sexual assault prevention tips and turns them around to illustrate that the blame should always be on the offender, and never the survivor. Enjoy!


Introducing… Me! :)

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A very friendly hello!

My name is Meagan and I am new at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, along with my good pal Lily who will also be posting blogs here. I believe strongly in the power of education to improve the world (little ways count!) and am happy to have an opportunity to inform my community about sexual assault on this blog. This is a new and challenging experience for me. My hopes are to write both critically and informatively about sexual assault and to instigate a process of increased understanding about why sexual assault happens in our communities and how we can prevent it. I will strive to achieve a balance of professionalism and passion in my posts and look forward to great discussions about issues in the media, current events, and general theories about sexual assault and gender.

For this first blog, I ask that if anyone is out there, reading this post, please comment about things you would like to read about and ideas you would like to be discussed.

Thanks so much,