June 4, 2010

This week in the news (May 28 – June 4)

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The following is a list of news articles and editorials on sexual assault in communities across the globe (over the past 7 days).  Many of the articles below may contain victim-blaming language, distortion of information which supports sexual assault myths, and/or triggering content.  What these articles do showcase is the prevalence of sexual assault (given that only a small percentage of the 1 in 10 sexual assaults in Canada which are reported receive media attention, several articles on sexual assault within one week indicate a huge number of assaults), what kinds of sexual assaults are reported and how rampant sexual assault myths are.  Please be aware that SACE does not support the content or delivery of any of the following news pieces.


Edmonton daycare owner charged with sexual assault

Convicted child molester in court

Accused in 1981 cabbie murder raped prostitute

Svekla declared dangerous offender

A poster boy for indefinite sentences


Sex Assault Case Against Grande Prairie Coach Adjourned To Next Month

Violent criminal may be deemed long-term offender


Toronto teacher charged in two separate sex assaults of male student

Teen arrested in Toronto nursing home assaults

Three women report sexual assaults along bike path

Charges in alleged sexual assault dropped

Sexual assault questions unanswered

Sask. man convicted of sexually assaulting teen

Raymond Lahey denies former Mount Cashel resident’s abuse claims

School division employee charged with sexual assault

Accuser testifies in NS sex-assault trial

Sex abuse victims say church is still tenaciously fighting claims

Crown wraps up sexual assault case

Ottawa school defends response to alleged sex attack

Man, 20, acquitted, won’t be deported

Woman assaulted in parkade

Sex assault suspect sketch released

Help is out there for victims of domestic abuse

Police seek help catching Westdale sex assault suspect

High-risk offender to live in Listowel

Police investigate incident in Queensway Terrace North area

Time served for man who tried to arrange sex with child

EDITORIAL: Difficult to understand sentencing

Woodstock Teacher Facing Sex Assault Charges Back in Court in November

Soldier sex suspect kept in jail

Kate-Christine Miller: The arts and crafts of a movement

Man in standoff ‘feared police would beat him up’

Crown seeks 5 years for ‘career criminal’

Ex-Ashbury student defends Boston incident as a ‘prank’

Ending abuse cycle key for immigrants

Woman fights off sex attack by HIV-Hep C positive man

Canada’s top soldier in Afghanistan ousted

Woman violently sexually assaulted at knifepoint

The Hill: Toews’ pitch to revive rape charge

Spectator fined $4500 for violating court identity ban

Teen sexually assaulted

Whitehorse man who violently raped two women gets 12 years behind bars

Man gets nine months for two assaults

Man used biker claims to terrorize girlfriends

New workplace violence law coming

Women air ‘dirty laundry’ for a cause

Clachers is broke

Teen charged after groping girl

Rehabilitation unlikely for ‘cold’ killer

Young women active in addressing inequalities

We’re ready to tackle crime in Nunavik, KRPF says

City teacher cleared

Four caught in Internet child porn sweep

La Ronge man not guilty

Hundreds march against violence in West End

Courtroom doors closed to public

Another charge laid in HIV-disclosure case

Local leaders needed

Judge to decide if man should register as sex offender

Jury fails to reach verdict in sex assault case after first day of deliberation

Ex Surrey pastor with porn fixation denied parole

Jail sentence given for touching girls, 12, and 16

Toronto teacher charged with having child porn


Statistics Show Football Linked to Increase in Domestic Violence

Kristen Stewart sorry for rape remark

Gene Simmons Strikes Back Against Accuser

Liberian teen gets probation in gang-rape of 8-year-old girl

Daniel Wozniak: Murder Charges for Samuel Herr, Juri Kibuishi

Pope refused defrocking of convicted priest

Roethlisberger back at Steelers practice

Israel faces child abuse claims

Knox accused of slandering Italian police

Immigration detainees allegedly groped


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