February 12, 2010

This week in the news (February 5 – 12, 2010)

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The following is a list of news articles and editorials on sexual assault in communities across the globe (over the past 7 days).  Many of the articles below may contain victim-blaming language, distortion of information which supports sexual assault myths, and/or triggering content.  What these articles do showcase is the prevalence of sexual assault (given that only a small percentage of the 1 in 10 sexual assaults in Canada which are reported receive media attention, several articles on sexual assault within one week indicate a huge number of assaults), what kinds of sexual assaults are reported and how rampant sexual assault myths are.  Please be aware that SACE does not support the content or delivery of any of the following news pieces.


Locked courtroom door leads to mistrial

Man bit stump of pregnant girlfriend’s amputated arm


Man wanted for sex assault turns himself in

Victim still haunted by sex assault, court told

Calgary police seek sex assault suspect

‘The issue here is consent’

Crown wants jail for Alberta man who lured, sexually assaulted young teen

Trial to be set in Calgary for sexual assault case

Sex offender pleads guilty to breaches of release

Sex deviant not dangerous offender: lawyer

Sex with stepdaughter nets jail term


Thompson man charged for sexual assaults

7 Canadian children rescued from porn ring

Criminal checks for NWT volunteers still in the works

Gas station rape case delayed

School volunteer sentenced to six months

Abuser scaled balcony to confront his ex-girlfriend

Family hopes Lewis remains in jail

Rose Blanche man going to prison for sex-related offences

Lawyer files to stay sex charges due to delays

Accused rapist wants to see a judge as soon as possible

Sentence reduced by appeal court

Kids molested at Oshawa daycare, Crown alleges

Cab driver charged with sexually assaulting passenger

Rules cloak some of B.C.’s most serious criminal cases

St. Stephen man found guilty of sex charges

Guilty verdict in Wolfe murder

Judge acquits man he doesn’t believe

Ontario fugitive arrested at shelter

Ex-cop guilty of molesting girl

Held for bail

View Royal man charged with confinement, sexual assault of teenage girl to appear in court

Alleged sex assault may have lasted 4 hours

Man raped her while she slept, woman testifies

Tait took advantage of vulnerable victim: Lawyer

Speaker hoping to engage men in anti-violence struggle

Prominent NL hockey coach charged with sex crimes

Hearing date set in Buchanan case

VPD warns of sex offender

Slain man called abuser

Man charged in sexual assaults

Preliminary inquiry to be set in sex assault case

Man guilty of molesting girl

Taking steps to healing

Lalo victim awarded $375k

Hit on the head with wrench

Sex offender pleads guilty to assaulting NWT children

Assault, Sexual Assault and Death Threat

St. Catherines Punks Ignite Controversy over Band Name Sexual Assault

Rejected house arrest goes to appeal

Police issue warning after woman sexually assaulted

Former Windsor teacher jailed for sex assaults

Man charged in sexual assault case

Man Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Child At Sleep Clinic

Gitsegukla Boy Charged With Sexual Assault

Toronto man faces four charges in sexual assault investigation

HIV-positive man appeals Manitoba conviction

57-year-old man facing old sexual assault charges

Base commander ruled out as suspect in earlier Trenton murder

Colonel’s arrest sparks review of other unsolved cases

Unusual suspects

Ontario women were asphyxiated, source says

Portrait of an accused predator

The case against the colonel: ‘Lingerie break-ins’ and a ‘treasure trove’ of photo evidence

Police probing if Williams could be linked to cold cases


Michael Irvin being sued on sexual assault claims

Man pleads not guilty in US Craigslist rape case, says he thought he was playing out fantasy

Traveling child molester sent to jail for 30 years

Facebook debate over Goa official’s remarks on girl’s rape

Webcam user jailed for inciting US woman to abuse child


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