August 6, 2009

The socialization of men and women

Posted in Men's role in sexual assault, Victim Blaming at 9:12 pm by sacetalks

Harriet Jacobs at Fugitivus recently posted something pretty amazing.  (Please note there is a picture of someone extending their middle fingers and the post also contains some strong language.  The link may not be safe for work.)  She writes about how the socialization of women contributes to their responses when experiencing violence.  She also writes about the way we socialize men:

If men have been raised to behave aggressively, to discount what women and weaker men want and feel and say, to obtain power and social standing through force, to deny emotions exist, to feel that women are fundamentally a different species, to set a boundary and keep it NO MATTER WHAT, to make a decision and stick to it NO MATTER WHAT, to feel entitled to sex, to feel they will be ostracized and possibly physically attacked if they don’t acquire sex with women, to feel under threat of harassment and attack if they don’t constantly maintain a hyper-masculine exterior, to prove their manhood through dangerous and degrading physical activities…

if you have seen men behave in this way, and encouraged it, and thought it was normal, so normal you didn’t even see it…

then you never have the right to say “He couldn’t possibly have done that” when you hear that your brother raped somebody.

Pretty fantastic.  Check it out.


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