May 22, 2009

Women in Music Videos

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:20 pm by sacetalks

Sometimes in music videos women are depicted as sex objects that are always wanting sex.  Not only do male artists portray this but so do female artists. The role of the women in these types of videos are to dance, look sexy and act like they want sex. In some videos, they show sexual assaults happening and condone it being OK. Not only is this objectification shown in the images in these videos but also in lyrics of some songs. These artists are saying and showing that it’s OK to treat women as sex objects and it’s OK to sexually assault them. So how does this objectification of women effect how people, especially young people, view women? And how does this contribute to sexual violence of women?

Below is a link to a great video talking about objectification of women in music videos and how all of this contributes to sexual violence against women.


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