May 1, 2009

Popular Media and Violence

Posted in Popular Culture at 5:05 pm by sacetalks

As posted on April 16th about the movie Observe and Report and its display and portal of sexual assault, this got me really thinking about popular culture and its display of sexual violence and violence in general. So a few nights ago I came across a TV show on MTV that was called Bully Beatdown. This show brings in bullies and has them fight a MMA professional fighter to “teach” them respect and they are also bribed into the fight with the chance of winning 10 thousand dollars (if they win). This is not only showing that the way to solve violence is with violence but this is also showing and telling males that for them to gain respect or authority they have to use violence or have violence inflicted on them.

Also another form of popular media that pushes this message across is sometimes music. I was driving in my car listening to the Bounce radio station when a song came on that had lyrics like “Chris Brown should get his ass kicked”- it was talking about what he had done to Rihanna. This lyric was said over and over again, so this artist was really pushing that Chris Brown deserved to get “his ass kicked” for what he had done to Rihanna. I am in no way condoning domestic violence but is this the way to solve violence with violence?! So again this is saying that since Chris Brown beat up his girlfriend the best revenge or what he deserves is to get beat up himself.

So what does this all have to do with sexual violence? These types of messages that are sent to our young males in society are that the way to solve violence or any problem is with violence, and also if you want to gain respect and authority you gain it with violence. It is creating a society that says to get things such as respect you need to be stronger, tougher and you don’t ask for things you take. I believe that this is creating a patriarchal society because again it is telling young men to be the strongest and meanest. So if a young male isn’t the strongest and meanest then how is he going to feel like he is well I would say through sexual violence or any type of violence. Is this the type of young males that we want to have in our society? I think not.


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